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The brand naming process is one of the most critical parts of your brand building strategy.
Without a memorable name, how could your company attract the attention and adoration of your target audience?

Today’s consumers use brand names for more than just defining their favorite brands. The right title can improve your chances of earning new customers, by showing people the fundamental values you stand for. Memorable names also generate customer loyalty and simplify the process of word of mouth marketing.

While there’s no doubt that choosing a great name is a crucial part of start-up branding, it’s also one of the toughest challenges you’ll face as a business owner. Get your decision right, and you become a household name like Google or Uber. Choose the wrong title, and you could be the next “Carnage Travel.”

Fortunately, a strategic brand naming process increases your chances of success and keeps risks to a minimum. As brand naming specialists, the team at The Branding Cupid has come together to share some of our tried and tested tips for your creative process.