The Brand Battleplan™

The Brand Battleplan + Interview is a mind clearing, eye opening experience, addressing key questions like, is your message digestible? Does it stand out as being different? Is it disrupting people’s thinking, & inspiring a curiosity that has them begging for more?

During your Battleplan Interview we’ll define the beliefs, values and strengths that are deeply important to you, but are not the same as your competitors. Real value is created not just through the results you deliver, but through the entire experience you provide. 

The time you spend in this session will have you thinking about your brand and business in new ways, while The Branding Cupid’s team takes it all in and pushes it through our irreverent lens to identify how to pitch your value proposition – the special arrows that compels people to engage and buy.


The Brand Battleplan – Maps out a plan of brand expression that you can follow to shape the perceptions of your brand in the mind of your audience. 

Includes the interview and a Brand Battleplan that identifies your brand core and a plan to move forward


*(This cost gets applied to any Castle Builder moving forward).

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