Build an irresisible brand

Maintain a cohesive identity with a brand system. Establish your logos, fonts, colors and more, for consistency and unity.

Attract incredible clients

Tell your brand’s story while maximizing sales, with custom designed solutions that will out-perform your competition!

Create long-term success

Set your business up for long-term success with a brand strategy & voice that will bring your competitive positioning to life.

Make More Money With Your Brand

Expect Remarkable Results. You’ll find The Branding Cupid is incredibly easy to work with 

Brand Naming

Cupid will help you craft an irresistible brand name for your company, product or service using his Magnetic Brand Name Formula

Brand Identity Design

Cupid will work with you through building a brand identity that creates an emotional connection that attracts your ideal audience

Brand Strategy

Cupid will create your brand strategy that will guide you through all of your sales and product promotions

Invoke your vision, enforce your credibility

Your brand is much more than a logo, a tagline, and a style guide. Your brand is an idea contained in the minds of your customers and audiences. It’s the qualities and characteristics that define their perception of your business or institution, your products, your services, and your culture.

Through our brand strategy process, we work to understand these perceptions, to uncover your organization’s essence, and, ultimately, to build an authentic brand that elevates and differentiates your business at every touchpoint between you and your audience

Catch your audience’s eye from across a crowded room

Cupid's proven brand process will help you… 

  • Establish a vital, authentic brand identity
  • Understand your customers and other critical audiences
  • Clarify your brand positioning and messaging
  • Differentiate yourselves from the competition
  • Change perceptions among your core audiences
  • Create a cohesive brand experience across every touchpoint

"I truly appreciated the breadth of knowledge which you provided Panacea Portal with over the past year. As a corporation and a brand we benefited greatly from your products and services in ways we can and can’t necessarily measure."

Brands Cupid Has Created

Client Love

Michael's work elevated the quality of design we produced at Presh. He is an innovative thinker and a true trailblazer! His work is consistently fantastic. Michael ensures the work is complete and accurate. He would be an asset to any Creative Department.

Erin Redek

Project Manager, Presh Marketing Solutions

I've had the pleasure of working with Michael on a few different occasions and have never been anything short of happy with his work. I reached out to Michael in need of corporate design work for my start-up. He was very professional, organized, personable and brought his creative experience to the table. I would recommend Michael to anyone in need of graphic design work!

Mike Gojcaj

Co-Founder, Mirgo Digital

Michael is an original designer who is constantly striving to be more creative and more efficient in every task. He is easy to get along with and is clear thinking and extremely creative. I always know things are going to turn out great when he is in charge of a task or project.

Joyce Hyeck

Creative Director, ReBuild Group

Michael Ryan is a very talented designer. He took our branding from cluttered and confusing to clean and on trend. He is a good listener and takes in all the info you give and returns a finished product you can be proud to call your own. I highly recommend contacting Michael Ryan Whitson for all your branding needs.
Elaine Lindsay

Founder, TROOL Social

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