How to Build Out a User Persona

Some companies make the mistake of starting their brand naming process before they’ve begun to build out their user personas. However, it’s important to remember that your name needs to do more than just define your brand – it also needs to speak to your target audience.

If you don’t know who you’re creating your brand identity for, then you’ll have a hard time finding a compelling name. If you’re not sure how to develop avatars for your target audience, speak to your brand naming experts. At The Branding Cupid, we also help our clients to create user personas with complete templates they can download and share with their teams.

The discovery & brainstorming stage

Once you’ve got the initial elements of the brand naming process out of the way, you can move onto the discovery and brainstorming stages.

The discovery part of the strategic brand naming process is where you lay all of your cards on the table so that you can start to assess what your brand stands for, and how you’re going to convey that information to your customers. The naming process will typically follow a brand positioning phase, so you should already have some research on your company available.

Before you get too far into the brand naming process, ask yourself how you’d define an auspicious name, what your main concerns about naming are, and who should be involved in the decision-making stage.